Channel One Russia. Programs


Only Channel One Russia can send celebrities to live on an uninhabited island or make them take up figure-skating or run from angry bulls. With shows like Led i Plamen’ (Ice and Fire), Zhestokie Igry (Cruel Games), Poslednij Geroj (Survivor), Bol’shie Gonki (Big Race), and Dve Zvezdy (Two Stars), viewers are literally kept on the edge of their seats.

Channel One Russia musical broadcasting features the best performances and concerts by top artists. It is comprised by shows like Fabrika Zvezd (Star Factory), which gave Russia’s pop scene dozens of young talents, and the Eurovision song contest, which was hosted in Moscow on a scale that the world had never seen before.

European and World championships in all kinds of sports, as well as Winter and Summer Olympic Games are available to Channel One Russia viewers, supported by top sports commentators and sports stars. Since 2005, Channel One Russia has been the only channel in the world to hold its own tournaments in football and hockey, in which the top Russian and international clubs compete.

Every year, prestigious Russian and international TV contests and festivals mark Channel One Russia achievements with top awards and prizes.