Channel One Russia. Programs


In the evenings, the wildly popular host Andrei Malakhov discusses pressing issues and tells real-life stories in his show Pust’ Govoryat (Let Them Talk). The show Zhdi Menya (Wait for Me) helps reunite people who lost the hope to see each other long ago.

Documentary series Sreda Obitania (Habitat), Genii i Zlodei (Geniuses and Villains), Chelovek i Zakon (Man and Law), as well as large-scale docudrama projects open previously unknown pages in Russia’s past and present.

In his analytical talk show Pozner, Vladimir Pozner talks to the most prominent social and political figures of today. As for Boris Berman and Ildar Zhandaryov in their talk show Na Noch’ Gljadja (Time before Night), they prefer talking to people of arts. Exclusive film broadcasting is the trademark of Channel One Russia. Many world premieres are featured on the channel almost as soon as they go out in movie theaters. Channel One Russia in-house-produced films and series enjoy great interest among viewers and movie critics. Alexander Gordon’s talk show Zakryty Pokaz (Private Screening) gives viewers a unique chance to watch and discuss the most striking, provocative, and shocking premieres.