Channel One Russia. Programs


Unique entertainment formats, on-time news broadcasting, the best analytical and documentary content, exclusive film titles, and a wide range of sports and musical programs make up the broadcasting of Channel One Russia.

For millions of people around the world the workday begins with a hearty Dobroe utro (Good morning) wished by their favorite Channel One Russia hosts. Ekaterina Strizhenova, Julia Zimina, Arina Sharapova, Boris Shcherbakov, and Larisa Verbitskaya bring smiles and inspiration to viewers’ homes every day.

Channel One Russia news broadcasting is an example of professionalism, promptness, and accuracy. Daily news releases, Vremya (Time) news program at 21:00 and the weekly summary program Voskresnoye Vremya (Sunday Time) are the backbone of Channel One Russia program grid and undisputed leaders in popularity among viewers.

Daytime broadcasting of Channel One Russia consists of programs Zhit’ Zdorovo! (Healthy Living), Kontrol’naja Zakupka (Sample Purchase), Modnyj Prigovor (Fashion Verdict), Davaj Pozhenimsja (Let’s Get Married), and ZhKH (Housing and Community Amenities) that answer questions that worry everyone and help to solve problems of everyday living.