Channel One Russia in Hotels

Channel One in HotelsChannel One in HotelsChannel One in Hotels

Vacation or a business trip can — and must — be comfortable. There is no need to deprive oneself of one’s favorite TV channel when leaving for a holiday or a business trip.

Channel One Russia welcomes Russian-speaking travelers in major hotels and hospitality chains all over the world. Today, one can turn on the TV and see the familiar logo in the top right corner of the screen in thousands of hotels in Austria, Bulgaria, the UK, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, the UAE, Turkey, France, Portugal, Singapore, the USA, and many other countries.

Channel One Russia presence in the hospitality sector is expanding steadily, engaging major hotel chains and leading travel agencies. Millions of Russian travelers can now watch their favorite Channel One Russia programs and keep track of the latest news from Russia in the most exotic places. The list of hotels where Channel One Russia is available can be found at