Channel One Russia. International broadcasting

Globalization, transparency of borders, high demand for specialists from Russia — these and other factors contribute to the migration and expansion of Russian-speaking people all across the planet. Being the biggest Russian-language broadcaster, Channel One Russia closely follows trends and actively expands its international broadcasting. Today, over 250 million TV viewers around the world trust Channel One Russia as a prompt, reliable, and trustworthy source of information.

International broadcasting covers Ukraine, the CIS and Baltic countries; Europe, North and South Americas; countries of Asia and the Pacific, and Australia. Channel One Russia feed is accessible everywhere across the planet where there is demand in high-quality Russian-language television.

Channel One Russia key international viewership consists of Russian-speaking people living or working abroad, tourists, and foreigners who study Russian. Every day, they push the first button to watch last-minute news releases from Russia, the best Russian cinema and top international premieres in quality translation, the best entertainment content, and exclusive musical and sports events.

Today, Channel One Russia is the most widely distributed and trusted Russian-language channel in the world.